Review of Supplementary Guidance

Alongside the preparation of a new Local Development Plan, we are also reviewing all 36 adopted Supplementary Guidance (SG) documents that currently form part of the development plan.

Supplementary Guidance documents support policies within the Local Development Plan by providing more detailed information. They are used in addition to the Local Development Plan to guide new development and assess planning applications made to the Council.

Supplementary Guidance on a range of different topics is being consolidated and updated as appropriate. In most cases the changes being proposed to each policy area are minor and it is simply a case of rolling forward the documents to the new plan. It is expected the guidance will be re-adopted alongside the new Local Development Plan early next year.


There is a requirement for public consultation on supplementary guidance to allow anyone who may wish to make comment to do so. Comments submitted will be taken into account in finalising each document.

We are currently inviting comments on the following three draft Supplementary Guidance documents:

Chalets & Huts.

Forestry & Woodland Strategy. *

Small Settlements.

Comments on these three draft Supplementary Guidance documents can be made up until Friday 9th March 2018 at 5:00pm. Any comments should be submitted in writing to:


or in writing to:

SG Consultation
Planning & Building Standards
Stirling Council
Teith House
Kerse Road

A response form has been created for submitting comments on the draft Supplementary Guidance.

Please note: the current Supplementary Guidance remains in place until the new Local Development Plan is adopted.

* With specific reference to the Forestry and Woodland Strategy, which covers both Stirling and Clackmannanshire Council Areas, the purpose of this consultation is to allow Stirling Council to re-adopt the strategy as Supplementary Guidance. The strategy provides a long-term spatial and policy framework for woodland expansion and management across the Stirling and Clackmannanshireregion. As supplementary guidance, it supports Primary Policy 10 of the Stirling Local Development Plan.

In line with other supplementary guidance being re-adopted, only minor changes have been made, e.g. updating references to national and local policy guidance and deleting of references to background appendices that, in the main, supported the preparation and original consultation for the current Strategy. Section 3 - Vision & Objectives and Section 4 - Opportunitiesfor Woodland Expansion have not changed and will continue to apply across both Council Areas.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

After compiling a Screening Report, Stirling Council as the Responsible Authority has determined under section 8(1) of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 that a Strategic Environmental Assessment is not required for each of the above Supplementary Guidance.

Determination Notice and Statement of Reasons

Screening Report - Chalets & Huts SG

Screening Report - Forestry & Woodland Strategy SG

Screening Report - Small Settlements SG

Previous Consultations

We previously consulted on the following Supplementary Guidance between November 2017 and January 2018. All comments received will be considered in finalising this guidance and reported to an upcoming meeting of the Environment and Housing Committee.

Draft Advertisements Supplementary Guidance.

Draft Houses in Multiple Occupation Supplementary Guidance.

Draft Housing in the Countryside Supplementary Guidance plus Design Guide.

Draft Wind Energy Development Supplementary Guidance

SEA Determination Notice and Statement of Reasons.

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