Wind Energy Developments

The meeting of the Council's Environment and Housing Committee on 11 February 2016 agreed to adopt Supplementary Guidance SG33 - Wind Energy Developments.

It forms part of the Stirling Local Development Plan and, alongside relevant policies in the Plan, in particular Policy 12.1 - Wind Turbines, will be used to assess the planning merits of planning applications for wind energy developments and inform pre-application advice.

The Supplementary guidance comprises two parts:-

i) Spatial Framework

This complies with the requirements of Scottish Planning Policy (June 2014) and identifies, within the area covered by the Stirling Local Development Plan:-

Group 1: Areas where wind farms will not be acceptable.

Group 2: Areas of significant protection.

Group 3: Areas with potential for wind farm development.

The Spatial Framework will be brought into the Stirling Local Development Plan Spatial Strategy at first review.

ii) Supplementary Advice and Guidance

This sets out advice and guidance on a range of planning and environmental considerations, including:-

  • Contribution to renewable energy generation targets and effect on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Landscape and visual impacts.
  • Natural heritage, water environment and carbon rich soils.
  • Historic environment.
  • Aviation and telecommunication interests.
  • Residential and Community Amenity.
  • Cumulative Impacts.

To support the preparation of (Supplementary Guidance) SG33 an updated version of the Stirling Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study for Wind Energy Development was published in January 2015.

Part 1: TextPart 2: Plans 1Part 3: Plans 2Part 4: Appendices

Detailed design, siting and locational advice set out in the Study will also be used to determine planning merits in relation to landscape and visual impacts, including cumulative impacts, of all scales of wind energy developments.

Further information, including the Environmental Report, Habitats Regulations, Appraisal and background Committee reports, is available on request.

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