Stirling Local Development Plan 2

Modified LDP CoverOn 3 May 2018, Stirling Council approved the Proposed Stirling Local Development Plan (as modified) for adoption.

The Plan was submitted to Scottish Ministers on 15 May, which meant that unless directed not to, the Council could have adopted the Local Development Plan on 12 June 2018. However, Scottish Ministers (see link below) have issued a direction which requires the Council to make an amendment to its Wind Energy Policy before adopting the Plan. This amendment will be presented to a meeting of Stirling Council on 4 October 2018. Once this is approved, the Council will be able to adopt the Plan.

Copies of the Modified Plan and a list of modifications are available to view at the Council's offices at Teith House, Kerse Road, Stirling, FK7 7QA, and at all Stirling Council public libraries. These documents can also be viewed below.

The Report of Examination can be found here.
Report of Examination.

A series of errors within Issue 3 - Setting the Land Requirement for Housing, were discovered and the Department for Planning and Environmental Appeals issued a post examination errata.

The proposed plan, draft Action Programme and Environmental Report were published in July 2016.  

A number of background documents have also been prepared to support the Proposed Plan.

Main Issues Report

A Main Issues Report, the first stage in the review of the Stirling Local Development Plan 2014, was published for consultation June - October 2015. This document and its supporting information can be found here on the Main Issues Report page.

Getting in Touch 

If you have any queries on the Plan or process, or would like to be added to our database of LDP contacts, please contact the Planning Policy Team by email or telephone 01786 233660.