Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

Stirling Planning Area Historic Environment

The mapping includes: Stirling Council's Conservation Areas, Archaeological Sites and Historic Scotland's mapping. It also includes data for Listed Buildings, Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes, Battlefields Inventory and Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

NB:- For listed buildings, any point on a map and its associated data can represent more than one building or structure and its curtilage - please check the full address of the listed building. Under the terms of The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (Scotland) Act 1997, any object or structure within the curtilage of a listed building, constructed prior to 1948, may be considered to be listed. The Local Authority determines which curtilage structures are to be treaded as listed.
Areas may be presented at differing scale than captured. Mapping and data is subject to change and may be out of date or contain errors. Care should be taken in these respects.

Listed buildings

Listed buildings are included on a list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest compiled by Historic Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Ministers. The term 'building' is defined broadly in the legislation and can include, for example, walls, fountains, statues, sundials, bridges, bandstands and telephone boxes.

There are 3 categories of listed buildings

Category A

Buildings of national or international importance,Museum Hall either architectural or historic, or fine little-altered examples of some particular period, style or building type.

Category B

Buildings of regional or more than local importance, or major examples of some particular period, style or building type which may have been altered

Category C

Buildings of local importance, lesser examples of any period, style or building type, as originally constructed or moderately altered; and simple, traditional buildings which group well with others in categories A and B or are part of a planned group such as an estate or an industrial complex. 

Conservation areas

Conservation areas are designated by the planning authority as being areas of special architectural or historical interest.

Conservation areas are areas of special character or appearance, which it is desirable to preserve or enhance. Conservation areas have additional planning controls (Article 4 Directions) to ensure that the special character of the area is preserved and enhanced. Conservation areas are designated and afforded statutory protection under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (Scotland) Act 1997.


For information on trees within Conservation Areas or on trees generally please see one of the following, Conservation - Trees, Tree Management or Tree Preservation Orders.