Listed Buildings

Listed & Scheduled Monuments and Buildings

The Council holds the list of buildings and structures which are scheduled or listed.  We can advise you whether or not your property is listed.  If it is, listed building consent will be needed if you want to carry out any alterations. Historic Scotland have a map of listed buildings.

General information on Scotland's Listed Buildings, general guidance for Owners and Occupiers can be viewed here, this is an informal account of the legislation protecting Scotland's historic buildings, describing how it is administered by Historic Scotland.

You can find out whether a building is listed by looking on the Historic Scotland web-site. Historic Scotland are responsible for compiling and managing the statutory list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest.

Listing protection extends to the whole building, inside and outside, and to any buildings or structures (including gates, walls and railings) that pre-date 1948 and are located within the curtilage.

Buildings are listed in categories, either A, B or C. All buildings included in the statutory list have the same level of protection regardless of their category.

If you suspect a building is listed but cannot find the details on the Historic Scotland website, please get in touch with one of the Council's Planning (Conservation) Officers on (01786) 233668, who may be able to help.

If you require an architect with knowledge and experience in conservation work, the RIAS website provides information on conservation accredited architects. A pre-requisite of most grant funding for historic properties is the engagement of a Conservation Accredited Architect. The Stirling Society of Architects (a chapter of The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland), can also offer advice.