Street Cleaning Programme

Stirling Council is responsible for removing litter from pavements, streets and Council-owned public land.

Land Services has a street cleaning complement of 42, along with a number of mechanical sweeping machines. An average of 12 tonnes of litter is removed every day at a cost of over £1.8 million per year.  The quicker litter and fly tipping is removed, the less likely it is to accumulate.

Under the existing legislation, the frequency with which a street is swept is not as important as how clean the street is. This allows us to provide a flexible and responsive service, targeting the areas where it is needed most and maintaining high cleanliness standards throughout the Council area.  However, this can also make it difficult to provide information on when some streets will next be swept, although all areas are monitored on a daily basis and swept if necessary. 

Busy routes, such as Stirling City Centre, Town Centres and areas near schools are swept on a daily basis, with a backshift also present in the City Centre.

Our service is continually monitored and reviewed to maintain and improve the standard of cleanliness. We also aim to continue working with local communities to develop innovative solutions for local problems, and carry out locality based, community led clean-ups.