Sustainability - Events and things I can do!

There are lots of ways we can all make a difference - and lots of fun, local and national events that everyone can get involved in.  There are lots of fun activities for young people (and adults!) to get everyone out enjoying the outdoors in the beautiful area we live in.  

Ongoing Local EventsThroughout Stirling

There are events that are ongoing all year round such as Farmer's Markets throughout the Stirling Council area, cycling events for all ages and abilities and community growing projects - see our events calendar for more details.  

Our National Park 


In the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, Stirling area has one of the most beautiful places in the world right on our doorstep.  There are countless things to do in the National Park, regardless of your age, fitness level or interests - from walking and cycling, boat rides and nature trails to camping and stargazing.  Or even just a picnic with spectacular views!

Check out the car-free guide to Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park - lots of info on boat trips, buses, rail and bike hire - making your time in the National Park fun without the carbon footprint!

Stirling Cycling Activities

There are lots of cycling events and activities for all ages and abilities including Monthly Hub Club Rides and Free Bike Maintenance Sessions.