Energy and Sustainability

Things we can all do - energy

Most of the energy we use is from non-renewable sources which includes fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural  gas).  Burning these fossil fuels is bad for the environment, causes pollution and is a major contributor to global warming.  Also, the Earth will run out of these fossil fuels if we keep using them at the rate we are.  There are lots of ways we can save energy (and money!) and go greener:  

Castle Braes O Doune

  • Did You Know? If everyone in the world lived like the average Scottish person we would need 3 x planet Earths to cope with our demand on resources!





  • Switch Off! One of the easiest ways to save energy is to switch off - lights when there's no one in the room and TVs, consoles, laptops, etc. when no one's using them.  Even when an item is on 'standby' it is using energy and costing money
  • Turn Down!  Turn the heating down before opening windows and letting all the heat and energy you are paying for escape out the window.  Did you know - turning your heating down by 1 degree can save 8-10% on your energy bills?
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  • Light Up! Did you know that energy efficient light bulbs only use about one fifth of the energy of traditional light bulbs? They also need changed less often as they last around 5 times longer, saving both money and energy!   
  • Renewable energy.  Have you thought about solar energy, biomass boilers or other forms of renewable energy to power your home - they can reduce your energy bills significantly and there is lots of Government-backed help and advice and support (including financial support and incentives) to get your house using "green energy" and start you saving money on bills