Food and Sustainability

Things we can all do - food

  • Locally grownEat locally: Using locally produced food reduces the amount of energy used in food transportation and supports your local businesses and economy. 
  • Visit your local Farmer's Market: There are lots of Farmer's Markets held throughout the Stirling Council area.  These are held regularly and are a great day out for all the family, with lots of stalls and tastings
  • Use the Stirling Food Assembly to browse a range of delicious products, such as vegetables, eggs and meat, from a range of local producers. Then conveniently collect your order from the Cycle Hub at Stirling Railway Station.
  • Grow Your Own: Growing your own food not only tastes great but also reduces the effects on the environment caused by transporting food - plus it will save you money on your shopping bills.  If you don't have a garden why not join a community allotment or food project and grow your favourite fruit and veg while getting involved with other people in the community

family gardening

  • Reduce food waste: Did you know the average family in Scotland throws out £470 of food every year that could have been eaten?  Love Food Hate Waste can help with hints and tips on meals with leftovers, portion sizes and lots of recipes too to save you money 
  • Have you ever thought about food miles - how far your food has travelled before it gets to your plate?  The effects of food miles can be measured in pollution that is caused - did it travel by plane/boat/road?  Why not try the food miles calculator to see how far your food has travelled to get to your plate