Transport and Sustainability

Next Bikes

Next Bike Stirling: A bike sharing network, now available in Stirling at various locations. They can be booked using the app, by phone or on line and can be returned to any official station.  Once a member, you can hire bikes at any of the NextBike schemes throughout the world!

Joining the NextBike scheme is simple and free – visit, use your email address when entering your personal details, confirm your registration by clicking the link they email to you then enter your card details to activate (a £10 credit will be taken as a security deposit).

Once you’re subscribed you can rent a NextBike easily via the app, at one of the terminals or simply by calling the customer hotline on 020 8166 9851.Your membership applies for Stirling and all other NextBike locations worldwide, very handy if you’re sightseeing on holiday this year.

Car Club

Car Club: Self-service, pay as you go vehicle hire.  An all-electric car club, whereby vehicles can be hired by the hour and by the day at very low costs (including power and insurance).  It provides a convenient, hassle-free, environmentally friendly alternative to private car ownership/can remove the need for a 2nd car for families.  With vehicles being available 24/7 you just join, book, unplug and explore.

Things we can all do - transportAberfoyle Cycle

All motorised forms of transport give off pollutant that harm the environment - even when you sit in a car you are exposed to more of these than if you were on a bike or on foot - damaging your health as well as the environment.  Then there are the obvious health benefits of walking/cycling.

  • Did You Know? Domestic transport accounts for 24% of all UK greenhouse gas emissions 
  • In Scotland, over 75% of our journeys by car are under 3 miles and ~13% of car journeys are less than 1km!
  • It is often quicker to walk or cycle than drive or use public transport, once you include the time it takes to park/wait for the bus/walk to the station/wait in traffic jams
  • Need help with route planning?  Stirling Cycle Hub can help with all aspects of cycling, including child-friendly routes, mini mountain bikers and fun group events for all ages and abilities - and even offer free bike health checks - call, go online or pop in for a cuppa and a chat!
  • Recyke-A-Bike is a local cycle reuse non-profit organisation and charity who sell reconditioned bikes for all ages and also offer bike repairs
Travel Graph

Smarter Choices - Active Travel

  • Active travel means using your own power to travel.  Active travel doesn't have to take up the whole journey - you could get off the bus a couple of stops earlier or you could use 'Park & Stride' - drive to a convenient car park near your destination and walk the rest of the way instead of trying to park outside
  • With every journey you're getting a free workout, meaning you can do more with your time
  • With walking and cycling you travel from door to door and have more control over the time it will take for your journey

Car Share

If your journey to work is too far to walk or cycle why not liftshare?  If you don't know anyone who takes the same journey you can register on Stirling Liftshare who will match up journeys - saving you money on petrol and reducing your emissions