Adult Care

Linkage Stirling 

LinkAge Stirling  (Lonlieness and isolation in older people)

While many elderly residents will enjoy good health and an active social life, older people have been shown to be more at risk from loneliness and social isolation

Social Care Advice

Advice for Adults, Young People and Carers  - includes, Carers, Care homes, Falls prevention, Wills and Testements, Direct payments, Telecare and more...

Domestic Violence

Adults and Children, reporting abuse, bullying, harassment and support groups

Health and Medical Information

Health providers, support and advice and counselling

Day Support

If you have physical or learning disabilities, day support can provide activities and access to training and work opportunities.  Day support for older people offer regular meals and social activities.

Equipment and adaptations to your home

If you are struggling with aspects of daily activities as a result of illness or disability, you may benefit from the provision of equipment or adaptation to your home.

  • For homeowners, or if you live in privately rented accommodation, are over 60 years of age and require house repairs or minor adaptations, the home repair assistance grant may assist you.
  • Help to adapt is a Scottish Government initiative for older homeowners, provided independently of Stirling Council.  It enables homeowners to consider making alterations to their home to ensure it continues to meet their needs.

Contributing to your care

If you receive care or support from Social Services, you may be required to contribute towards your care or support.  Find out more about financial assessments and information for people receiving care and support at home, in the community, respite or long-term care.

Commissioning care and support services

If you are a small to medium sized third sector provider and are considering a service in the Stirling area under contract from Stirling Council, find out more about eligibility and our selection criteria.

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