Assessing your social work needs

If you, or someone you care for, feel that Social Care support is required, we can make a referral and undertake an initial assessment. 


Eligibility leaflet

To establishing eligibility, we use an eligibility criteria, based on National guidelines. This ensures that everyone who request support is dealt with depending on their needs.  People with the greatest need, or those who are most at risk are a priority.

Care Home Rate

The National Care Home rate only applies to adults over the age of 65.  For all other care groups this will vary.


Only those who have been assessed as having a critical or substantial need will be eligible for a service.

  • Critical risk - Major risks to an individual's independent living or health and wellbeing and is likely to require immediate provision.
  • Substantial risk - Significant risk to independent living or health and wellbeing and likely to require imminent provision.

The next step

If you are eligible for support we will arrange a care assessment prioritised on your initial assessment. 

How to request a referral

You can request to be referred for Social care support by contacting:

Your Health professional (such as a General Practitioner or District Nurse) or Social Services.

  1. Assessing your needs
  2. Your Self Directed Support options
  3. How to make your support plan
  4. Information about after your support starts