Dementia Friendly Stirling

Dementia Friendly StirlingWe are working towards making Stirling a dementia friendly place where people with dementia are able to live sustainable, independent lives. 

We are working in partnership with our colleagues in NHS Forth Valley, local businesses and the third sector.

Creating a dementia friendly city

There are almost 1,100 people with dementia living locally.  Over the next 20 years we expect this figure to double. 

Making Stirling a dementia friendly city will not happen overnight, but there is already a range of support and advice available for those with dementia, their friends and family.

Supporting people with dementia

Are you concerned about dementia?  Find out who to speak to and local groups and organisations who run activities, events and support for people with dementia.

Learn more about dementia

Are you caring for someone with Dementia?  Find out about advice, support and resources for people with dementia, their carers and families.