Getting it right for every child

Getting it Right for Every Child or GIRFEC is a national approach to supporting and working with all childrenGIRFEC logo and young people in Scotland. It is relevant for:

  • all children and young people

  • all services and agencies working with children and adults in the public and voluntary sectors.

Community Planning Partners in Stirling are committed to GIRFEC...

For children and young people GIRFEC means that their needs will be placed first, they will be listened to and understand decisions which affect them. It means that children and young people will receive the right support when they need it and in a co-ordinated way.

For services, it means that all partners will focus their attention on working together effectively to improve outcomes for all children and young people.

GIRFEC is based on a set of four principles...

A child-focused approach

Ensuring the child or young person, and their family, is at the centre of decision making and building solutions to support them.

A holistic understanding of wellbeing

Looking at the whole picture of a child's or young person's wellbeing so that appropriate and effective support is offered at the right time.

A preventative approach

Identifying a need as early as possible to avoid it developing into a concern or growing into a problem.

A joined-up approach

The child or young person, their family and professionals working together to consider what help is required, involving only those services that are needed to support them and minimise unnecessary interruption in family life.

Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014...

The Act is wide ranging and puts children and young people at the heart of planning and services and ensures their rights are respected across the public sector.

Key elements of the GIRFEC approach have been introduced into law under the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014:

  • Wellbeing is described in legislation for the first time to help make sure everyone uses the same terminology and approach.
  • Children and young people will have access to a local Named Person service - a single point of contact for help, support and advice for families and those working with children if they need it.
  • Children and young people who need extra support which is not generally available will have a Child's Plan.


As a consequence of the Supreme Court judgement, Parts 4 and 5 of the Children and Young People Act did not come into force as planned on 31 August 2016.

The Scottish Government announced on 7 March 2017 that it will bring forward a Bill to include new provisions on when and how information can be shared by and with the Named Person service. The new provisions will address the Supreme Court’s judgment, and are expected before the Scottish Parliament’s summer recess. 

This approach will involve replacing some of the provisions in the 2014 Act that the Supreme Court was concerned about, with new provisions requiring Named Person service providers and others involved with children and young people to consider whether:

  • sharing information would promote, support or safeguard the wellbeing of the child or young person, and;
  • sharing that information would be compatible with data protection law, human rights and the law of confidentiality.

Only if information can be shared consistently within these legal constraints will there be a power to share it and the legislation will make this clear.

In Stirling, the needs of children and young people will continue to be met through the Staged Intervention process and aspects of the GIRFEC approach already well embedded prior to the Children and Young People Act. Information sharing will continue to take place in line with current practice and within the framework of the Data Protection Human Rights and confidentiality.

Read more about information sharing provisions for Parts 4 and 5 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. New legislation to clarify information sharing provisions was published in June 2017.

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Further information on GIRFEC is available on the Scottish Government website.