Winter in Stirling

Follow these simple tips to keep warm and safe this winter.

  1. Wrap up warm. Dress in layers and wear a hat, gloves and scarf.
  2. Keep the cold out.
  3. Don't use alcohol to keep warm.
  4. Check your heating.
  5. Maintain the temperature.
  6. Have warming food and drinks.
  7. Stay active.
  8. Check what you support you can get.

See Heart Matters for more information

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Salt Bins

The Council provides 475 salt bins, for the storage of 50/50 salt/grit mix. Check the map below to find your nearest salt-grit bin. Bins are placed at various identified locations, throughout the Council area. You can zoom and pan the map below.

You can also find the gritting routes on our Gritting Routes Map.

Top Tips for Working Together this Winter

  • If you are able, try to clear your own path and pavement in front of your home – or any other building you are responsible for - before the snow can become hard-packed ice, and be aware of where you pile it so it doesn’t block someone else’s property.
  • It’s not just grit that can prevent ice forming – ordinary table salt, dishwasher salt, sand or ash will work too.
  • Never use hot water to clear ice – the ice will melt at first but if it turns into black ice it can cause a bigger hazard.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks on the road – ice and snow makes it difficult to brake quickly, and wear visible clothes with suitable shoes or boots if you’re walking.
  • Keep updated with information on the website– and social media channels - @StirlingCouncil or - regularly for the latest news about any disruptions to service.
  • Keep wheelie bins off the road so they’re out of the way of snow ploughs and, if possible, move your bin or recycling box as close as you can to a cleared road for collection – but only if you can do this safely.
  • Please be aware that in poor conditions our bin and waste collection service will slow down – we will be aware of the homes that have been missed and will endeavour to collect them as soon as possible. Please be patient and only call our Contact Centre if your bin really has been missed out.
  • Be neighbourly by checking on older or vulnerable neighbours and helping less able neighbours to clear their paths – if you are worried about someone’s welfare, please don’t hesitate to call the Contact Centre on 01786 443322 

Keeping in touch

We will always post the latest information on gritting, school closures, or any other services on the front page of our website and on our Disruptions and Alerts page.

We will also share information on Twitter and Facebook. You don’t have to join Twitter or Facebook to be able to see our posts. We’ll Re-tweet important alerts from other organisations including Central Scotland Police and Transport Scotland.

myStirling account

If you have registered for a Free myStirling account and subscribed for alerts, these will be sent directly to your mobile or by email (depending on your requirements) about any school or road closures, severe weather warnings or other disruption to normal services. 

If you haven't registered you can do so by following this link and then you will be able to subscribe for specific alerts, news feeds, events, road closures and disruptions tailored to suit your needs.  This only takes a few minutes and can provide you with a great deal of information relevant specifically to you.

You can also find out the latest information on Waste collections by entering your postcode and you will see collection dates, disruptions to service and much much more.

Working in partnership

Stirling, Clackmannanshire and Falkirk Councils are also part of a Mutual Aid Agreement, to share resources during extreme weather conditions or in the event of salt shortages
Community councils and local volunteers also play an important role in the Council’s winter response.  Many have already prepared their own winter resilience plans and Stirling Council has issued Community Councils with snow shovels and safety vests so local volunteers can take action to help vulnerable neighbours and other residents if conditions become severe.

Working in partnership with local people, communities and our partner organisations throughout the winter months, we’ll make sure resources are used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Council has agreed a level of service that is flexible and can be stepped up if conditions get worse. The busiest roads and pavements will always be cleared first.

Community councils also play an important role, supplementing Council services where appropriate. Stocks of shovels and safety vests are available for community councils.

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Winter Service Policy

The Winter Service forms an integral part of the management and maintenance of Stirling Council's road network. Stirling Council, by virtue of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, has a statutory duty to take such steps as it considers reasonable to prevent snow and ice or indeed the consequences of any other weather condition endangering the safe passage of vehicular and pedestrian traffic over the Councils public roads.
Full Winter Service Policy.

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