Equipment and adaptations to the home

If you feel you are struggling with aspects of daily activities as a result of illness or disability, you may benefit from the provision of daily living equipment or adaptations.

Types of adaptation

Adaptations can help to enable a person to safely use basic facilities within their home.  Adaptations may include:

  • minor adaptations like fitting grab rails or a banister
  • major adaptations like replacing a bath with a level access shower or installing a stair lift

Minor adaptations

To be eligible for minor adaptations you must be a Council tenant seeking an adaptation for your Council home.  You can self-refer for adaptations such as a grab rail in your shower or an additional banister to assist with mobility.

If you would like to request a minor adaptation, please complete our form.  Alternatively, please call us on 01786 404040 and we will complete the form for you.

We will contact you within 10 working days with our decision to either fit the adaptation or to refer you to our Social Service colleagues.

Major adaptations

If you have health issues or a disability which requires major adaptation of your home, such as the fitting of an external ramp or a wet floor shower, you will require an assessment by Social Services.

The cost of major adaptations may be chargeable.  This depends upon a number of things, for example whether it is your own house or if it belongs to the Council or another landlord.  You may be able to access certain grants to help pay for some of these costs.


Find out more about stairlifts.

Help to adapt

Help to adapt is a Scottish Government initiative designed to help older people live independently in their own home for as long as possible.  The service is provided independently of Stirling Council.  It enables homeowners to consider making alterations either inside or outside their home to ensure it continues to meet their future needs.


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Types of equipment we do not provide

If you require equipment to help with your mobility, such as a walking aid or a wheelchair, this can be organised through your General Practitioner.

Neither the Council nor NHS provide mobility scooters, however you can purchase a scooter privately or through the Motability scheme.  If you have a wheelchair or a scooter, please read our information about ramps and storage of your wheelchair/scooter.

Returning equipment

If you no longer require equipment issued by Stirling Council, please contact our supplier Joint Loan Equipment Service to arrange an uplift on 01324 508762.

Contact Social Services

If you think you, or someone you care for, would benefit from receiving a major adaptation, please contact us to request an assessment:

Social Services
Stirling Council
Municipal Building
8-10 Corn Exchange Road

Tel: 01786 233759