Applying to adopt

We welcome interest from all parts of the community, including members of minority groups. The Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007 requires that all adopters must be over the age of 21.

We have also agreed further criteria to be met by those applying to adopt:

  • applicants must live within Stirling Council's area or within 30 miles of the city of Stirling
  • as a general rule, there should be no more than 45 years of an age difference between adopters and child
  • couples must have lived together in a stable relationship for a minimum of 3 years - this includes partners who are not married, same sex couples and people within a civil partnership
  • single people can adopt if they are able to show that they have a strong support network
  • applicants with birth children are welcomed.  We do ask that there is a two year age gap between the children in your family and the adopted child

Many couples decide on adoption because they cannot have children of their own. It takes some time to come to terms with infertility and for this reason we accept applications from people undergoing fertility treatment one year after the treatment has finished.

Further information about adoption recruitment