Drugs and alcohol advice

Substance misuse can have a devastating impact on an individual’s physical and mental health, their financial and social circumstances and their family and friends as well as the wider community as a whole.

Anyone worried about substance misuse can speak to their General Practitioner who will be able to refer for intensive support services.

Addictions advice

Signpost recovery are a community addictions service who provide confidential advice and information to substance users or families or friends concerned about someone with an addiction.

National support groups

  • Alcoholics Anonymous offer support for the personal recovery and continued sobriety of alcoholics
  • Know the score offer help and support for people taking drugs or people concerned about others
  • Can stop smoking is Scotland's national stop smoking resource offering support, advice and a free helpline for people wanting to quit smoking

Forth Valley Alcohol and Drug Partnership

Forth Valley Alcohol and Drug Partnership is a multi-agency partnership established to implement and respond to national strategies on drugs, alcohol, tobacco and volatile substances.  They work with local services to prevent, reduce and treat substance misuse across Forth Valley including working with:

  • Social Services to protection children and young people affected by parental substance misuse
  • Police Scotland, Anti-Social Behaviour team and the local community to address anti-social behaviour often associated with excessive substance misuse.

Care & protection of children

Alcohol and drug abuse can affect a person’s ability to look after their children.  If you are worried about a child affected by parental or other substance misuse then you should report this to Social Work immediately.

Contact the Initial Assessment Team and clearly indicate that you would like to report concerns about a child – 01786 471177.

If you are calling after 5pm or at the weekend you should contact the Emergency Duty Team (EDT) on 01786 470500.

Syringe or needle disposal

If you find a needle or syringe in a public area, please contact us immediately on telephone: 01786 404040.

Do not:

  • touch it
  • hide it
  • kick down a drain
  • put in the bin
  • flush down the toilet

The needle or syringe may not be collected immediately.  We will remove discarded syringes from public areas within 4 hours.

Disposal or syringes

If you use syringes, your pharmacist or surgery will be able to provide a special container for sharps, so you can dispose of them safely.