Support and advice for Carers


The Supporting Unpaid Carer's Learning Portal is a signposting resource to ensure staff and students on placement within Stirling Council teams have access to information and learning materials they need to identify adult and young carer's and to support people working directly with carers/young carers.

This includes details on carer assessment processes, what financial support may be available, how carers can be supported to take breaks from caring as well as links to other support services.


The new Carer's (Scotland) Act 2016will come into force on 1stApril 2018 and will extend and enhance the rights of carers.

The intention of the Act is to ensure that Scotland‘s estimated 759,000 adult carers and 29,000 young carers are better supported on a more consistent basis, so that they can continue to care, if they so wish, in good health and to have a life alongside caring. 

Moreover, in relation to young carers, the intention is that young carers should have a childhood similar to their non-carer peers.


Carers can require support to continue to undertake their role of caring.  Find out more about Stirling Carer's centre, carer self-assessments and how to take a short break from caring responsibilities.

Forth Valley Carers card sample Forth Valley Carers Card

We are supporting the Forth Valley Carers Card pilot.  If you are a carer, this card provides identification and recognition of your role as a carer.  The card also ensures you are more easily identified by Health and Social Care professionals.

Find out more information or download an application form for your Forth Valley Carers card.

Carer's allowance

If you are over 16 and spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone, you may be eligible for Carer's Allowance. This allowance is taxable and may also affect other benefits.  To find out further information or make a claim, visit

Young carers

Support for young carers is provided through the Young Carers' forum.  It offers young people a chance to share their experiences with others and participate in a range of social and educational activities.

Stirling Young Carers Service offers support and advice to all young carers:

Please note this service is not provided by Stirling Council.