Carers assessment

Do you live with and/or care for an adult or a child with a disability, illness or mental health need?  This could include someone who has had a stroke, brain injury, visual impairment, disease (for example MS or Parkinson's), dementia or frailty due to old age.

  • Are you the main or only carer?
  • Is the person you care for at risk if you are unable to provide them with care/support?
  • Do you have regular contact, daily or weekly with the person?
  • Do you require any support to continue to carry out your caring role?

If you have answered "YES" to any of the questions about and you undertake a substantial and regular caring role, you are entitled to a Carer's assessment


Carer assessments are usually carried out by a trained assessor from social services, a nurse or a carer support officer from Stirling Carers Centre.   Assessors will establish your needs in relation to your role as a carer.   The assessor will talk to you about:

  • how being a carer affects you
  • your health
  • your own feelings about caring and how much care you want to do or are able to do
  • how caring affects work, studying, leisure time, living arrangements and any other commitments such as looking after children
  • any help you need to care for someone

Your outcomes

During the assessment, our discussion will help us to both discover and agree your "outcomes" - what are the things that matter to you and, if you want additional support, what you are seeking to achieve through receiving support?  For instance, if you are caring for someone and also working, your outcome may be to remain in employment.  You can also discuss with us how you may want to receive additional support or how much control you want to have over any agreed support options. 

Support available to carers

There are many different support options which a carer may wish to consider to meet their outcomes. 

We may discuss information about carer support groups, housing, equipment and adaptations, arranging a community care assessment or a review of needs of the person you care for, discussing the cost of support services or services which give you a break from caring for a few hours, a day or longer.

It is important to note that any services that might have a direct impact on the cared for person, can only be provided with the consent of the cared for person or their guardian.

Requesting a carers assessment

You can request a carers assessment by completing a self-assessment form.

  1. Download a carer self-assessment form
  2. Send the completed self-assessment form to either:

Assessment Care Management

Stirling Council
Municipal buildings
8-10 Corn Exchange Road
Telephone: 01786 233759

Stirling Carers Centre

Unit 49A John Player Building
Stirling Enterprise Park

Telephone - 01786 447003 


web -  


Alternatively, you can discuss with your General Practitioner or District Nurse