Children's Hearings

Children's Hearings provide an opportunity to deal with children or young people who had committed offences if they are under 16 or under 18 and already subject to an order from a Children's Hearing.  The Children's Hearing system is a combined care and justice system for children and young people.

A child or young person may be referred to a Children's Reporter as some aspect of their life is giving cause for concern to the referrer.  The majority of referrals to the Reporter come from the Police or the Social Work Service.  However, anyone who has a concern about a child, e.g. teacher, health visitor, member of the public, may approach the Reporter.

Area Support Team

We are in partnership agreement with Children's Hearings Scotland, Clackmannanshire and West Lothian Councils to manage and support the Children's Panel at a local level.

Children's Panel recruitment 

Children's Hearings Scotland relies on people to give their time voluntarily to serve as members of the Children's Panel.  Members must be aged 18 or over.

To record your interest in future vacancies, or for more information, please email us