Activities for older people



Offering a wide range of books, audio, visual and communication facilities.

  • For people living in areas without a library, we operate a mobile library service.
  • Do you have a physical impairment or ill-health which is limiting your ability to visit a Library?  Our Outreach team can help.

Day Support

Day support services for older people may offer social activities, regular meals and visiting medical centres.

Sports and physical activities

Active Stirling

Offering a variety of sports and physical activities for people of all ages.

Raploch Community Campus

Active Stirling offer varied classes.

The Peak

Located at Stirling Sports Village in Forthside, The Peak offers a variety of classes and activities for people of all ages and abilities.  Their on site cafe/bar makes a great location to meet up after a work-out.

  • For people over the age of 60, there is an additional 10% discount on the price of admission.

Arts and Culture

The Albert Halls

See a range of performances and concerts throughout the year.

The Smith Museum and Art Gallery

Displaying fine art, archaeological artifacts and a changing programme of temporary exhibitions on a range of subjects.   Car park on site and accessible for wheelchair users.


Offering an eclectic range of live music experiences, as well as classes and workshops for people of all ages.  The Changing room is the centre for contemporary visual arts in the City of Stirling.

Clubs and Organisations

A range of voluntary clubs and organisations offer a variety of activities for older people.