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mapStirling is a hidden gem in central Scotland, a fairly recent new city with the added attraction of  a medieval historic old town including the castle, monuments,  linking to kings, queens and great heroes.

Stirling also has an extensive rural area with lochs and lakes as well as its very own National Park. 

A visit to Stirling will be an unforgettable experience with such a diverse landscape, you will not be disappointed.



Central Scotland

When you visit Stirling you have the added advantage of quick access by road or rail to some of the other major surrounding cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness. mapstirling

Stirling has often been referred to as the Gateway to the Highlands. 


There are many historic sites and attractions in Stirling.

These include Stirling Castle and the National Wallace Monument.

You can also explore the Top of the Town (the old medieval town) on foot.

There are many heritage sites a few of the best known are listed below: 

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