The Back Walk

Municipal Buildings

Opposite the library is the Municipal Buildings and to the left of this building you will see a small winding path that rises uphill and takes you around Stirling Castle, this is the Back Walk.
The Back Walk was built between 1724 and 1791, and is regarded as one of Europe's finest urban walkways. Work was begun in 1724 by William Edmonstone, Laird of Cambuswallace.

Stunning panoramic views can be enjoyed whilst walking or relaxing on one of of the many seats along the way.

It is the oldest publicly maintained road in Scotland and follows the old city walls up to the castle, then runs around the base of the Castle Rock and back up to the Old Town.

Part of the pathway will take you past the Gowan Hill, site of the Beheading Stone, used in numerous executions, most notably that of Murdoch, Duke of Albany, in 1425.