Erskin Marykirk

Erskine MarykirkThe original Erskine Kirk was founded in the 18th century amid local religious upheaval.

The 1740 church was replaced in 1825 - 6 with a new church which was almost totally destroyed by fire earlier this century.

Ebenezer Erskine, after whom the church was named was one of the ministers of the Church of the Holy Rude

He came to Stirling as third minister in 1731. He had very radical Presbyterian views he preached against Episcopacy.  Ebenezer Erskine had a large family of 15 children. The tomb of the church's founder ( the Reverend Ebenezer Erskine ) lies in front of the church and is overlooked by an elaborate classical monument.

In 1994 the Council totally demolished the building, except for the facade, and rebuilt it as a Youth Hostel.