Getting around with Next Bikes

Next Bikes

Next Bike Stirling: A bike sharing network, now available in Stirling at various locations. They can be booked using the app, by phone or on line and can be returned to any official station.  Once a member, you can hire bikes at any of the NextBike schemes throughout the world!

Joining the NextBike scheme is simple and free – visit, use your email address when entering your personal details, confirm your registration by clicking the link they email to you then enter your card details to activate (a £10 credit will be taken as a security deposit).

Once you’re subscribed you can rent a NextBike easily via the app, at one of the terminals or simply by calling the customer hotline on 020 8166 9851.Your membership applies for Stirling and all other NextBike locations worldwide, very handy if you’re sightseeing on holiday this year.Stirling NextBike stations can be found at:

  •  Bridge of Allan (Community Centre/Library)
  • Bridge of Allan Train Station
  • Castleview Park & Ride
  • Causewayhead (Causewayhead Roundabout)
  • Stirling Old Bridge (Bridgehaugh Rd)
  • Springkerse Park & Ride
  • Teith House
  • The Peak
  • Borestone Roundabout
  • Bannockburn High School (by Park Crescent)
  • Bannockburn Town Centre (by East Murrayfield)
  • Castle Business Park / Lomond Court
  • Stirling Community Hospital
  • Forth Valley College (Raploch)
  • The Back Walk
  • Murray Place
  • Port Street
  • Cottrell Building (Logie Entrance), University of Stirling
  • Willow Court Residences, University of Stirling
  • Stirling Train Station
  • Raploch Community Campus
  • Alexander Court Residences, University of Stirling


To hire a bike using the app, enter the bike number and press ‘Rent Bike’ or Scan the QR code. If using the terminal, swipe your card or enter your phone number and pin number and follow instructions - you will receive a code for your bike lock.

To return, simply take the bike to a docking station and press ‘Return Bike’ on the app or check for confirmation on the terminal/call the hotline.


How to rent a bike

To rent a bike, please call the hotline number you will find on the bike. A computer voice will ask you for the number of the bike you want to rent. After entering this number into your mobile phone you will get the code to open the combination lock on the bike.

Please make sure that the calling-number-transmission on your phone is activated.

How to return the bike

The bikes have to be returned to an official location. Block one wheel with the lock and shift the numbers. After that call the hotline again and inform us about the return location.

Official Locations of the bike sharing system

Our bike sharing system is a one-way rental system. That means you can return your bike at all official locations. If you return the bike to non-official locations we will have to charge you a service fee.

Stations with rental terminals

In many cities you'll find stations with a rental terminal. Simply hold your RFID customer card in front of the terminal computer to rent a bike. To return a bike, lock it at one of the racks or close to the station and confirm the return at the terminal.

Smartphone apps, mobile website and SMS rental

Our official smartphone app for Android and Iphone as well as a couple of third-party apps help you renting a bike with the comfort of your smartphone. Our mobile website is also optimized for rental and return with almost every modern phone. In some systems we do also provide you with rental and return via SMS. Simply answer to our SMS with the station number of the return station. To rent a new bike, you can answer with a new bike number.


Before you can rent a bike, you have to register your personal data (name. address, mobile phone number) once. At your future rentals, our system will identify you with your phone number. After your registration, you can use our system in all cities and countries. On one customer account, you can rent up to four bikes at the same time.


You can pay by credit card or per direct debit. In case of credit card payment, you can use the bike rental system immediately. When you pay by direct debit, the activation of your account may take up to three days. You can register by phone or online.