Whisky in Stirling

Whisky - in the Gaelic, uisge beatha (pronounced oosh-ga beh-huh)

Scotland's national drink, whisky - in the Gaelic, uisge beatha (pronounced oosh-ga beh-huh), meaning water of life - has been produced here for as long as anyone can remember. Scotland is well known for its whisky and Stirling and the surrounding area has its share of distilleries.

Deanston whiskyDeanston Whisky Distillery - Near Doune

Across the bridge from Doune, just off the busy A84 is the charming  Deanston Distillery home to the Deanston 12 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Scottish Leader Blended Whisky.

Deanston Distillery is now open to the public for the first time, with its recently launched tours.

Group Visits

A maximum group size of six ensures an intimate ‘up close and personal’ tour of this fantastic historic building with plenty of time to ask the knowledgeable guide about the whisky making process. No one step of the lengthy process is automated. Carefully crafted machines are monitored and adjusted by experts, a fascinating process to observe.

Originally the site of a cotton mill dating back as far as 1785, the buildings were renovated during the early 1960’s and converted into the whisky distillery seen today.

Award Winners

Owned by Burn Stewart Distillers, Deanston has impressive green credentials. Using barley grown in specially selected sites, free from pesticides and chemicals, Deanston produces an award-winning range of organic whiskies. In addition, Deanston is the only distillery in Scotland to be self-sufficient in electricity. Located on the banks of the stunning River Teith, its water-powered turbines generate not only enough power to run the distillery, but create an excess of energy which is sold back to the national grid.

For tour times, prices and availability please call Ann Shackell on 01786 841 422 or email ann.shackell@burnstewartdistillers.com

Glengoyne Whisky Distillery

Why not have a day out and visit the Glengoyne Whisky Distillery to explore how they make their whisky as well as enjoying the picturesque surroundings?

Tours and Tasting

The Distillery - situated near Loch Lomond close to Glasgow - is open all year round for Tours, Masterclasses, Whisky Tastings, Meetings and Private Dining. You can still buy a wide range of products including Special Bottlings, Personalised Bottles and Collectables from the Online Whisky Shop.

This is a great way to discover how Glengoyne Single Malt Whisky is produced in the beautiful surroundings of the distillery. Glengoyne single highland malt Scotch whisky is available in a number of different expressions to cater for different tastes.