Stirling Liftshare

Save money and help cut congestion by car sharing.

Stirling LiftshareStirling Liftshare is a website that helps match you up with other people who are travelling in the same direction as you for regular or one off journeys.

It gives you the chance to

  • save money

  • do your bit for the environment

  • reduce congestion

  • and find some friendly company for your car journeys.

Once you register yourself and a journey, Stirling Liftshare will try and find a match for you from other registered users. You then decide if you want to get in touch with someone. Your personal contact details are held securely and will not be given to any potential matches until you decide to pass them on.

It’s free and easy to register and what’s more, you don’t need your own car to join Stirling Liftshare. Many members are happy to give someone a lift in return for a contribution to the fuel costs and someone to chat to on the journey.

Quick search

Enter your journey start and end points and click search

One Stirling Liftshare member said,

"It just makes environmental and financial sense, I save over a thousand pounds a year for letting someone else drive me to work!"

So why not register today and give it a go!