Public Processions

See our Planned Roadworks page for up-to-date information on all road closures. All upcoming processions are published there.

Scottish Government review

Following a review by the Scottish Government, the rules governing public processions, marches and parades have been changed and organisers must give the Council at least 28 days notice of an intention to hold a public procession rather than the previous seven days which were required.

Public Awareness

To ensure that communities are aware of public processions, marches and parades in their area, we will publish details of all approved applications on our website. 

Policy and Guidelines

The Council’s “Policy, Guidance and Standard Conditions for Organisers and Participants” operates within the guidance issued by Scottish Ministers to local authorities on 12 December 2006 under Section 65A of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.  It sets out what the Council need to take account of when assessing notifications to hold a procession.  It also sets out the steps that the Council should take when considering whether it is necessary for it to prevent a procession from taking place or place conditions on it under Part V of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

To apply

If you wish to make and application, please download and complete the application and risk assessment forms below, please note you also must agree and adhere to the Council’s Guidance and Standard Conditions.


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