Pedestrian crossings

Pelican Crossings

Once you have pressed the push button at a pelican crossing, the wait lamp will illuminate. You must wait until you see the Red Man change to the Green Man, and then once the traffic has stopped you can walk straight across the road.  
An audible alert is fitted for the visually impaired where operating conditions permit.  
When the Green Man is flashing it means the lights are about to change to allow the traffic to move again and you should not begin to cross the road.

Puffin Crossings

Puffin crossings are similar to pelican crossings but the signal to cross is mounted on the signal pole to your left or right side.

The Puffin Crossing has been introduced because it is of use to a greater portion of the public, in particularly visually impaired people.  The Puffin has detectors that can tell when people are waiting to cross; this is why you must stand by the push button once you have pressed it.
When the button has been pressed, a red indicator lights up, but you must wait until you see the Red Man change to the Green Man.  Once the Green Man illuminates and you are sure the traffic has stopped, walk straight across the road.  
These sites are always fitted with either an audible alert or a rotating tactile cone (sometimes both) for the visually and hearing impaired.