Roads - speed limits

 As part of the Scottish Government’s commitment to improving road safety and speed management, revised guidance on the setting of speed limits was published in 2006. Local Authorities were required to review their speed limit policies, and existing speed limits on A and B roads, to reflect this new guidance and improve consistency in the setting of speed limits across the country.

Stirling Council recently completed its review of the existing speed limits on A and B roads and identified a number of amendments, which are required to bring the speed limits in-line with the new guidance.

The Council’s Executive approved the recommendations of the review and adopted a new speed limit policy in February this year.

Proposals for 2012/13 

West Arnprior A811
Brig o TurkA821
Buchlyvie EastA811
Carron ValleyB818
North DunblaneB8033
Thornhill EastA873
Thornhill WestA873 

Proposals for 2011/12

Blairhoyle     A873 Blairhoyle 
Bridge of Allan   A9 Henderson Street 
 A9 Henderson Street, Detail 
Buchlyvie  A811 Buchlyvie East 
 A811 Buchlyvie East Detail 
  A811 Buchlyvie West 
  A811 Buchlyvie West Detai
 B835 Buchlyvie 
Causewayhead   A907 Causewayhead 
 A907 Causewayhead Detail 
Doune     A820 Doune 
Dumgoyne A81 Dumgoyne 
Dunblane     A820 Dunblane 
  A820 Dunblane Detail 
  B8033 Dunblane 
Port of Menteith   A81-B8034 Port of Menteith 
  A81-B8034 Port of Menteith Detail 
Ruskie   A873 Ruskie 
Strathblane     A891 Strathblane 
  B821 Blanefield 
  B821 Blanefield Detail 


Various streets, generally in built up areas, are covered by speed limits. The Traffic Regulation Orders necessary for the introduction of speed limits are made by the Council in consultation with the Police but they are enforced by the Police.

Speed limits are determined in accordance with national guidelines and are based on various factors including the level of development adjacent to the road, the accident record of the road and the current speed of vehicles on the road.

Speed limits show the maximum speed at which vehicles may travel but it is the responsibility of drivers to drive at a speed appropriate for the prevailing road circumstances and in many cases this will be lower than the legal maximum.

Signed speed limits are normally set at 30mph, 40mph or 50mph depending on the type of road.

20mph Speed Limits

As a Safer Routes to School initiative, Stirling Council has now implemented 20mph zones at most schools within the Council area.

Twenty's Plenty zones have been implemented at schools which are situated in either remote rural locations or in residential areas.

Part-time mandatory limits operate in conjunction with the school day so that amber lights flash when children are most likely to be about.

Permanent 20mph limits have been implemented at schools that identified this as part of their School Travel Plan development.

Enforcement of Speed Limits

Enforcement of speed limits on all roads is carried out by Central Scotland Police and any enquiries you may have relating to enforcement should be directed to them.