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Stirling Council's Road Asset Management Plan



The road network is the largest and most visible community asset that the Council is responsible for. It is used daily by the majority of people and is fundamental to the economic, social and environmental well being of our communities. It helps to shape the character and quality of the local areas that it serves and makes an important contribution towards the delivery of the Council’s vision, values and strategic priorities.

The plan supports three of the Council’s eighteen key priorities:-

  • 12. Adopt a pragmatic approach to sustainability that protects and enhances the local environment.
  • 13. Make resurfacing roads, paths and pavements the service priority across the whole Stirling area.
  • 17. Pursue a diverse high wage economy that delivers local jobs for people across Stirling and a    procurement policy that supports this.

In order to meet the demands placed on it, it is crucial that the road network is adequately maintained. This includes not just carriageways and footways, but also bridges, street lighting, drainage systems, traffic control systems and street furniture. Continuing growth in traffic has brought an increasingly widespread recognition of the importance of road maintenance, and the high value placed on it both by users and the wider community. The Updated RAMP is a Five Year plan covering the period 2016 to 2020. However it will continue to be developed and updated on an annual basis throughout this period with the intention of fully redrafting the plan in 2020.

Stirling Council Road Asset Management Plan (RAMP) 2016-2020

Stirling Council Road Asset Management Policy 2016-2020 

Stirling Council Roads Data Management Plan 2016-2020

Stirling Council Roads Status & Options Report Feb 2016

Reporting Road and Pavement Defects

If you wish to report any road or pavement defects, such as potholes, we would like to hear from you.  You can call us on 0845 277 7000, email or report the defect using our online report form

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