Tourist signs

Tourist Sign-posting is determined in accordance with the Scottish Office Development Department Circular 27/1995.  This circular suggested that Councils, as Roads Authorities with responsibility for local roads, should produce their own (signposting policies ) to meet local needs. 

The (policy) contained in this document has been developed in consultation with Argyll the Isles Loch Lomond Stirling and Trossachs Tourist Board, Forth Valley Enterprise, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Loch Lomond & Trossachs Interim Committee.  This policy may need to be amended in the future in the light of a signposting policy being established for the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.  The National Park policy is presently under consideration.

This policy only applies to approved tourism signs which can be potentially erected within road boundaries.  Signs outwith road boundaries are covered by Planning Legislation under the Advertisement Regulations 1984.  Information on advertisement signs can be obtained from Environment Services.  Both types of sign will be managed to reduce proliferation.

Motorways and Trunk Roads - This Stirling Council policy document does not apply to Trunk Roads and Motorways which are the responsibility of Transport Scotland (on behalf of the Scottish Government).  There is a separate 2006 Guidance Trunk Road and Motorway Tourist Signposting Policy (SODD May 1998).  Signs for the Trunk Roads of A82, A84, A85, A9 and Motorways M80 and M9 have to comply with the Scottish Executive policy.  Stirling Council Environment Services can provide advice on contact addresses for this National Policy.