Street care and cleaning

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Who do I contact about drainage/water problems on open spaces?

If the problem is on a Council owned area, we will investigate the situation and where appropriate schedule works to rectify the problem. If you are concerned about drainage, complete the online service request form or Contact Us with the details.

Who do I contact about dangerous or offensive litter on Paths or Open Spaces?

  • Needles
  • Glass
  • Dog Fouling

These are priority services that we will deal with as quickly as possible. Please Contact Us with the details or complete the online service request form.

What will happen to my query or complaint about litter in the street?

We will arrange for the query or complaint to be investigated, and suitable action taken.

Are biodegradable things like apple cores, banana skins or orange peel, or breadcrumbs that birds can eat, considered to be litter?

Yes, litter is waste, created by humans, which is in the wrong place (in other words, left lying around in a public place), so biodegradable things and breadcrumbs are also considered to be litter and you can be prosecuted for dropping them in a public place.

Can I be prosecuted if my child drops litter and I don't pick it up?

Yes, you can be prosecuted if your child drops litter and you do not pick it up.

Is it a crime to drop litter?

Yes, it is a crime to drop litter.  You can be fined £50 for each incidence of dropping litter, no matter what type or how small it is.

What is the most common litter?

The most commonly found litter is litter from smoking, drinks, sweets and crisps and fast food.

What is the penalty for dropping litter?

You can get an on the spot fine of £50 for littering, but if the case goes to court, you could be liable to pay up to £2,500.

Is it illegal to drop a cigarette butt?

The act of dropping and discarding a cigarette end in a public place is littering and if  you are responsible you will be guilty of an offence and liable to pay a £50 fine.