Dunblane Station

Dunblane Station, Stirling Road Access for All

Visual Station Road Stirling Council's Infrastructure Development Team and Sustrans Scotland have been working over the past year with the local community, community groups, development trust, businesses and stakeholders to reimagine Stirling Road in Dunblane.

Stirling Road is an important street linking the High Street to the railway station.  The vision for the street is of a space that feels more welcoming, is people friendly and inclusive to all.

This is an ambitious project that will see the entire street transformed into a vibrant series of key spaces for people to linger in, enjoy and travel slowly through.  The design will improve access to the individual businesses on Stirling Road creating a high quality streetscape that people want to visit and spend time in. 


Dunblane OverviewThe design also capitalises on the key assets in this part of Dunblane by creating high quality spaces on the historic bridge over the Allan Water and alongside visually attractive Georgian and Victorian buildings.


Work Progress:

Week 4 (Monday 25th to Friday 29th July): The Contractor has installed the new drainage systems outside the Dunblane Hotel and Christian Fellowship.  The new street lighting ducting has been installed along the footpath between these areas and across the road towards the Station building.  SSE have also disconnected the old power cable running along Stirling Road and disconnected the street light outside the Post Office ready for the new column.


Coffey Construction have been successfully registered the site with the Considerate Contractors Scheme. This is a fantastic scheme for all involved. 

Week 5 (Monday 1st to Saturday 6th August): The contractor has installed the new kerbline with existing kerbs outside the Dunblane Hotel to the Post Office.  Brand new whinstone kerbs have been installed between the Post Office and Christian Fellowship in preparation for the Caithness Paving.  The footpath and road have been reinstated with temporary material to allow use by the public.  

Drainage works continued in front of the Station lift, with the remaining street lighting ducting being carried out in front of the Station building.  

The parking metre foundations have been installed on Perth Road and will await installation from Metric in week 6.

Dunblane WorksWeek 6 (Monday 8th to Saturday 13th August): The contractor has installed the street lighting ducting and foundations along the right hand side of Stirling Road between Papa’s Takeaway and Fuzzies. The new drainage system has also been completed along this section.  The footpath has been reinstated with temporary material to allow use by the public.  On the 11th of August, the foundations for the new random rubble wall outside the Dunblane Hotel has been installed and will be built in week 9.

The brand new drainage channel along the station building has been constructed and the new whinstone curved kerbline has been completed on the right hand side of Stirling Road.  4 tree pits have been installed in the Station plaza ready for the trees to be installed in week 12.  

Drainage works have continued along Stirling Road across from Victoria Hall.

The Parking Meters on Perth Road have been installed and will be activated in the following weeks.

Week 7 (Monday 15th to Saturday 20th August): Drainage works in the road outside the Victoria Hall have been completed, being backfilled to allow pedestrian and vehicular access.

The contractor has completed the kerbing/ drainage/ street lighting/ and furniture foundations around the newly formed Station Plaza and along Station Road.  This will allow the paving contractor to come to site in week 8 and start to lay the natural stone paving in this area.

Trial excavations were carried out at the Bridgend junction to determine the utility depths for the proposed Pilaster.  This has been reinstated with a temporary surface until the pilaster will be constructed in week 10.

Work Schedule:

Week 8 (Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th August): The contractor will start work around the Beech Road/ High Street junction during this week. They will install the new drainage systems and realign the kerbs. During this time, parking will be suspended from the Beech Tree cafe to the Charisma on the High Street.

PLEASE NOTE: When exiting Millrow onto Stirling Road, left turns onto the High Street are now prohibited. Traffic must turn right onto Stirling Road and across the Alan Water Bridge.   

The paving contractor will start to lay the natural stone paving in the new Station plaza area.  Work will continue outside the Victoria Hall to install street lighting ducting in the footpath.  Access will be maintained to the hall and bus stop at all times.

Work will also include realigning the kerblines and widening the footpaths in this area.  Work is expected in this area to last approximately 5-6 weeks.

Both pedestrian buildouts on Perth Road will be removed and replaced with a temporary road surface to allow additional parking.  Road drainage will also be inspected and cleaned out.  The parking on the west side of Perth Road between Stirling Road and Beech Road will be re-purposed and become pay and display parking with a maximum length of time of 4 hours.


Dunblane Consultation 1

Dunblane benefits from a proactive and passionate community.  Representatives from multiple community groups have played an active role in the project by influencing the design at steering group meetings, promoting the work and organising engagement events.  Residents and businesses in the area have also helped to shape the design with their local knowledge and aspirations for the road and town. Beech Road overview.

Dunblane Consultation 2

Pupils from the Dunblane schools have worked with two artists to create artwork that will form central features of the streetscape design, including signposts and mosaics that highlight and celebrate places or items of interest in the local area. Plaza overview



Beech Road Visual

Construction of the scheme is due to commence in June with completion expected in November 2016.  Tenders will be awarded shortly and we will be working with the appointed contractor to put in measures that help to minimise inconvenience for shoppers, residents and business owners during construction.