Part One: Streetscape Improvements

The image gallery can be viewed here - Station Gateway album

Site area plan 1Objectives

  • Address concerns about congestion and road safety
  • Remove barriers to cycling, walking and public transport
  • Increase footfall 

Summary of proposed works

Goosecroft Road

  • Relocation of bus stops from Murray Place
  • New bus shelters
  • New cycle link from NCN 76 / NCN 765 into city centre
  • Extra pedestrian and cycle facilities at signalised junction with Seaforth Place/Maxwell Place

Maxwell Place

  • Revised on-street parking
  • New and upgraded footways  

Murray Place

  • One way traffic towards Station Road
  • Simplified road layout
  • Wider footways
  • New bus stops and bus shelters
  • New larger taxi rank

Station Road

  • One way traffic towards Goosecroft Road
  • Wider ‘Boulevard’ style footways