Your waste collection

ADM bins

Your improved service has been designed to make it easier to recycle, allow more materials to be recycled and increase the resilience and reliability of our collection method.


  • We are introducing two new wheeled recycling bins to give you greater capacity for recyclable materials.
  • The frequency of your recycling collection will be changed to reflect the capacity of your bins.
  • You will now be able to recycle a greater range of materials including, plastic pots, tubs and trays, which previously went to landfill.
  • Food and garden waste will be collected together, all year round.
  • We are acquiring a new fleet of waste collection vehicles to improve the resilience and reliability of our collection method.
  • Safer working practices for our collection crews.
  • The improvements to the service will make it easier for our customers to use.

Why we are changing

  • The materials we throw away are valuable and recycling helps the economy by creating jobs locally as well as in the Scottish recycling industry.
  • Sending household waste to landfill cost Stirling Council over £2million in 2015 equating to roughly £5,721 per day. We can reduce this figure by recycling more of our waste.
  • Waste Scotland Regs 2012 require us to collect all mixed plastics which were previously sent to landfill. The new collection system will enable this to happen.
  • Our current collection vehicles are now at the end of their operational life and require to be replaced with a fewer number of higher capacity vehicles which will enable us to deliver an improved service to local people at a lower overall cost and reduce our CO2 emissions.

Your questions and our answers

Thank you, in 2015 you helped achieve a household recycling and composting rate of 54.5%. This makes us one of the best performing areas in Scotland!

However, there is still more to do. The Scottish Government has set long term recycling targets which stipulate;

  • By 2020 food waste can no longer be sent to landfill.
  • By 2025 we will have to recycle, compost or reuse 70% of all waste and limit the waste going to landfill to 5%.

Your improved service has been designed to help us meet these challenging targets and maintain our status as one of the top performing Councils in Scotland.

Your recycling and waste containers

As part of the improvements to your service we will be introducing new containers, changing the use of current containers where possible and discontinuing others. Please see below for full details:

Improved containers

Your outdoor food caddy, brown recycling box and blue recycling bag will no longer be collected. You can reuse your containers as storage or take it to your local household waste recycling centre for recycling.

Please note Stirling City Centre and flatted properties are being individually assessed as to their suitability to accommodate the new collection containers. Separate guidance will be provided in due course. On this basis some flats may be asked to share bins to enable improved flexibility and adaptation within the City Centre environment.  

When will the service start?

Your Improved Recycling and Waste Collection Service will begin in autumn 2016. We will provide regular updates via our website, social media pages, radio and newspaper advertising as well as running a comprehensive roadshow programme to ensure you are fully aware of the changes that are coming and the timeline for implementation.

To support the transition to the new service every household will receive:

  • A leaflet explaining the new service and details of programmed roadshow events
  • A full Service Guide
  • A new waste collection calendar with start date
  • Stickers for all your containers
  • Two new wheeled recycling bins

Want to know more?

We will update our website regularly with any information relating to the new service, please check back for the most up to date information and communications from Waste Services.

You do not need to do anything at the moment. Please continue to use your containers as normal until you receive further instruction from Waste Services. Your start date and instructions for using your new bins will be included in your Service Guide, delivered later in the year.

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