Recycling boxes

Please Note:  If you have received your new recycling bins, pleas see the improved waste collection page for information relevant to you. This page is still relevant to householders living in Stirling City centre.

Residents can have more than one blue recycling box, as well as additional food waste caddies and another brown box for cardboard when they are eligible for that scheme.

  • If you need an additional box please call the Contact Centre on 01786 404040.
  • Please make sure your box is out for collection on the kerbside by 7am on your collection day. 

Please note: we will no longer be collecting textiles in blue boxes. We will still be accepting textiles at one of our bring sites or Household Waste Recycling Facilities.

Blue box for recyclates Blue Box

  • Blue boxes are for

    • cans
    • glass bottles and jars
    • paper
    • plastic bottles.

They are emptied every week.

If your street gets a weekly food waste collection you also can place food and drink cartons, household batteries and portable electrical appliances in the blue box. 

To see if you can recycle these extra items, please visit  the My Bins page.

In addition to this....

Most households in the Stirling Council area receive a weekly food waste collection. Households who receive this service can also recycle:

  • Food and drink cartons (e.g. milk and fruit juice cartons)
  • Household batteries
  • Small electrical appliances

To find out if your household receives a weekly food waste collection or to check your collection day, please check our myBins pages.

Please do not include:

  • Paint pots
  • Plastic containers, such as yoghurt pots, strawberry punnets, plastic food trays.  Currently, these cannot be recycled via the kerbside blue box service.  Currently we only accept plastic bottles for recycling.   

Brown boxesBrown Box Hands

  • Brown Boxes are for cardboard only. 
  • Emptied weekly on your normal collection day.
  • Boxes should be folded and flattened before going into the box. This fits more into the box and allows us to fill our collection vehicles more efficiently.
  • The cover should fit securely over the box to keep the rain out.

Cardboard box - how to use the cardboard box serviceHands fold Card

When filling their brown box each household should:

  • Fold and flatten their cardboard into the box - this makes it far easier to our collection vehicles;
  • Fit the cover securely over the box to keep the cardboard dry;
  • Place the box alongside their blue recycling box at the kerbside for collection on their normal recycling day.


Excess cardboardBrown Box Hands

If you have any excess cardboard or large cardboard that does not fit into the cardboard box you can: 

  • Take this to your nearest recycling centre; or
  • Get in touch with the company who delivered the products, as many retailers will also take back packaging associated with bulky household items such as televisions and washing machines.

Benefits of using the service  Brown Box Girl

  • Removing cardboard from the brown bin improves the quality of the compost that is produced;
  • It allows the Council to achieve an income for the cardboard collected. Good quality cardboard is a valuable resource it can be recycled and turned back into other valuable cardboard products;
  • It diverts waste from landfill;
  • Stirling Council is one of the top performing recycling councils in Scotland and recycling cardboard in this way will help to ensure the Council continue to meet the challenges and targets set by Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan.


Green food waste caddies  smaller version of the caddies

Food waste caddies are used to collect food waste for recycling. 

  • Small one is for use inside the kitchen, with a liner. 
  • Larger one is to be presented at the kerbside.
  • Emptied weekly on the same day as the blue recycling boxes and brown boxes for cardboard. 

    The following actions will help to increase the safety of the collection crews:  


    • If crews are loading vehicles, please slow down and give them plenty of space and be aware of loaders working at both sides of the vehicle.
    • If a vehicle is blocking the road whilst performing this public service please be patient - they are working as quickly as they can.
    • Collection vehicles are require to stop regularly, please ensure that you give them plenty of space to manoeuvre safely.

    Recycling Boxes - do's and don'ts

    • Please do not present bottles with liquid left in them.
    • Any bottles that contained chemicals should be emptied, rinsed and squashed and presented with their cap on.
    • Please do not place any sharps into recycling boxes - broken glass, knives and forks, medical needles or other sharp objects.
    • Crockery should not be put in recycling boxes.
    • Ensure that box caps are used to ensure that the contents stay as dry as possible - this helps to maintain the quality of the materials whilst helping to reduce the weight of the box. 

    Pull out Service

    Householders who find it difficult to put their wheelie bins or recycling boxes out for collection may request a pull out service.  If eligible, collection crews collect bins and boxes from the property and return them after emptying. Please contact us on 01786 404040 for further details.

    Lost or broken bin

    Please note if your bin is lost or broken you can request a new one, you will need to register for a myStirling account to fill in the form. Alternatively, call the contact centre 01786 404040.