Ordering new bins

There are a number of reasons why you may need to request a new bin including requesting a replacement bin or repair to your bin. The sections below provide further information about how to request new bins and caddy liners.

Caddy liners

Did you know you do not need caddy liners to recycle your food waste? You can recycle your food waste by wrapping it in newspaper and placing in the bin, or by putting food waste straight into the bin with garden waste.

If you do wish to use caddy liners, they are available for collection at all local libraries (Mobile Libraries will also carry a stock) and Customer First in Stirling City Centre.

My bin or container has gone missing

You can request a new bin using our online form if your existing bin has gone missing and we will deliver your new bin to you.  While you're waiting for your new bin to be delivered, you can place your waste in bin liners and take them to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre (Tip).

My bin or container has been broken

Damaged bins and containers can also be reported using our online form.  Please tell us which part has been damaged and we will arrange for this to be repaired or replaced.

I've ordered a new bin - what size will it be?

Our standard bins for general waste, paper and plastics are all 240 litres. A separate container is provided for your glass recycling.

Large 360 litre bins can be provided to households containing six or more occupants.  These can be requested using our online form. All requests for large bins will be checked against our records to verify your household size before being approved.

Smaller green and blue 120 litre bins are also available to residents who are unable to accommodate standard size bins.  Any requests for these will require an assessment by an officer before a decision is made on whether these can be provided.

Only 1 bin of each colour will be provided per household.  If you have excess garden waste we can provide you with a compost bin. 

I've moved into a new build property/council property and don't have any bins yet

The property developer will make a request to us directly for bins to be delivered and collections to be made. If you have not received your bins when you move into the property, please contact the developer.

If you have been allocated a council house and Stirling Council is your landlord, you should request a bin from your local housing officer.