How do I set up a commercial contract?

The Commercial Waste team can help you design the most effective collection for your business. Please email us or you can call us on 01786 404040.

When should I present my bins?

Rural collections take place Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 5:30 pm. You should present your bin by 7:00 am on your allocated collection day.

Urban collections take place Monday to Friday between between 4:30 pm and 12:00 midnight. You should present your bin by 4:30 pm on your allocated collection day.

All bins should be returned to your storage area as soon as possible after collection. No second attempts will be made to collect bins that were not presented in time for the collection taking place but you will still be charged.

If you are unsure of your collection day please contact the Commercial Waste team by emailing us or calling us on 01786 404040.

How do I report a missed collection?

If your bins were presented on time and contained the correct materials please call us on 01786 404040 or fill in an online form.

What should I do if my recycling boxes have not been emptied?

Please check the recycling pages to make sure you have presented the correct materials, remove any contaminants and present it for your next collection. If the boxes are not contaminated please call us on 01786 404040 to report a missed recycling box or fill in the online form.

I have excess waste - will this be collected?

No, we will not collect any excess bags presented with your bin.

Can I arrange an extra collection?

Extra collections can be arranged for an additional fee. They are not always available but pleaseĀ email us or call us on 01786 404040 and we'll be able to advise.

Can I order additional bins, new recycling boxes or caddies?

Requests for additional bins must be emailed to us and any additional bins will incur an additional fee.

You can call us on 01786 404040 to request recycling boxes or caddies and these will be delivered within 7 working days of your request. There is no charge for additional recycling boxes or caddies.

Do you supply food caddy liners for commercial waste?

No, caddy liners are not required as food waste can be placed straight into the caddy. Alternatively, if you wish to use caddy liners these can be purchased from most supermarkets.

If I'm using clear sacks to present my recycling what can I put in them?

You must ensure that each clear sack contains items from only one waste stream, e.g. 1 sack of paper, 1 sack of plastic bottles etc. We will not collect any mixed sacks that are presented.

I've run out of clear sacks - can I use black sacks instead?

No, we will only collect recycling from clear sacks.

What should I do if I have very limited storage space for my boxes?

We can provide a limited number of recycling trolleys which stack three boxes on top of each other. These can be used to manoeuvre boxes around and are handy if you have very little storage space.

What can we do if we are having problems with contamination?

Labeling boxes is a good way to reduce contamination - this can be very useful when using the trolleys. If you need to order some extra recycling boxes to do this please call us on 01786 404040.

How do I cancel my commercial waste collection contract?

You can cancel your agreement by providing one months' written notice, either by email or by post to Commercial Waste, Stirling Council Waste Services, Lower Polmaise Waste Facility, Fallin FK7 7FG.

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