As a business, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that you produce, store, transport and dispose of your business waste without harming the environment.

Storing your waste correctly

All waste has the potential to pollute the environment if you do not handle or store it properly. You may store your own waste while you wait for it to be removed from your site if you only store waste:

For 12 months or less.
In a secure place.
Waste you produce on your premises, i.e. not on the street. 
Waste that is removed regularly from your site by an authorised waste carrier.

Transporting waste

If you transport waste, or you act as a waste broker or dealer, you must comply with legal controls. If you transport other people's waste, or your own construction or demolition waste, you must register with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) as a waste carrier, unless you fall into one of the categories for professional collectors and transporters of waste.

If you are a waste broker, i.e. you make arrangements for others to have waste handled, transported, recovered or disposed of, you must:

  • Register as a waste broker with SEPA.
  • Make sure that any waste that you are brokering or have control of is stored and transferred in compliance with the duty of care.

If you deal in waste, i.e. you use an agent to buy waste from other businesses to sell on; you must register as a waste dealer with SEPA.

   Industrial batteries can no longer be sent to landfill. 

See the Netregs page for more information.

Tip Permits

Small amounts of commercial waste can be disposed of at Lower Polmaise by purchasing a Tip Permit from Stirling Council's Customer First Office, Port Street, Stirling.  Each permit entitles the holder to dispose of up to half a tonne of waste.

Please note:  this service is for low volume producers and vehicle size is limited. For larger amounts of commercial waste please see the Transfer Station section.

Transfer Station

Large volume waste producers and carriers who would like to become weighbridge customers at the Lower Polmaise Landfill can send a letter to:

Stirling Council Waste Services
Lower Polmaise Waste Facility

requesting a weighbridge account and enclosing a copy of a valid Waste Carriers Licence (issued by SEPA/EA).

The weighbridge is closed over lunchtime from 1230 to 1300.  Last vehicle entry into the site is 1220.   Please do not queue at the main gate during lunchtime.

Advice on recycling commercial or business waste can be found on our main Commercial Waste page.


You can face penalties if you do not handle your waste appropriately or have the correct documentation proving it has been passed to a person authorised to accept and manage that type of waste.

You could experience damage to your reputation, disruption to your business, or you could be prosecuted or fined. 

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