How to register a birth

What you need to do to register the birth of a child.

Register a birth

When the parents are married or in a registered civil partnership either of them can register the birth. If they're not, and want both of their names to be on the birth certificate, they need to attend together.

Registering a birth on your own

A mother who isn't married or in a civil partnership can register the birth on her own if she doesn't want the father's/parent’s name to appear on the certificate.

If the father/parent’s name is to be on the entry, both parents should attend the office together to register the birth. If this is not possible, please email us at

Parental Responsibilities and Rights

Parental Responsibilities and Rights (PRRs) for the child are given to both parents if registered together. These Parental Responsibilities and rights can only be removed by order of a court.

View further information including how to obtains PRRs for existing children or call 0131 224 3581, email or seek independent legal advice before registering this birth

If the parents of the baby are not married or in a civil partnership they must come together to the appointment if both names are to appear on the birth certificate.

When registration is complete

The Registrar will give you, free of charge:

  • an abbreviated birth certificate
  • form EC58 to let you register your child with a GP

You can also buy a full birth certificate for the statutory fee. You can do this at your appointment or at any time after.

Naming ceremony

Some parents may wish to hold a naming ceremony to acknowledge the birth of their child. This is a non-statutory and non-religious event. The Registrar can conduct a naming ceremony at our registration offices or approved venues.

There is a fee for this service which is inclusive of a pre-ceremony consultation, ceremony and certificate. Please contact the Registrar who will advise you on this.

Replacement certificates

To request a replacement certificate please call your local registration office.