Stirling: the best place to be active and change lives through sport, play and physical activity.

We will be inclusive and make Stirling a place for everyone to take part in and enjoy physical activity and sport and realise their aspirations and potential to be active throughout their lives. 

  • We will ensure physical education, physical activity and sport (PEPAS), and play, are embedded within all schools, educational establishments and communities across Stirling.
  • We will work in partnership with clubs and communities to ensure that high-quality, inclusive and sustainable sport, play and physical activity are available for all. 
  • We will ensure inclusive opportunities are available for all of Stirling’s citizens, regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, circumstance or ability to lead active, healthy lives - improving wellbeing and tackling health inequality.
  • We will maximise the use and capacity of indoor and outdoor spaces to provide safe, high-quality places for all, including visitors and elite athletes. 



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