Before you begin

We'll ask:

  • for your name and approximate age
  • for your contact details, including your emergency contacts
  • whether you're happy to appear in Action Day photographs

We'll also ask about medical conditions, allergies and support needs.

Making sure that Action Days are safe

Our Greenspace Rangers will always:

  • assess the risks involved in all Action Day tasks
  • provide safety briefings, including guidance on the safe use of hand tools

We'll always try to adapt tasks so that everyone can take part.

If you take part in one of our events, you must:

  • always follow instructions given by our Greenspace Rangers
  • only use tools as instructed

You should also tell staff if you're:

  • feeling unwell
  • unsure about a task
  • unsure how to use a tool safely
  • uncomfortable carrying out certain tasks for any reason

When you complete the form, we'll ask you to confirm that you understand this.

To find out how we'll handle your personal data, read our privacy notice.