Jan 2021 Minutes

Minutes of Throsk Community Council Meeting 14th January 2020 at 7pm in
Throsk Community Centre.


H Yuill     J Morton

I Corlett    W Liddell               Minutes F Clark


M Hamill

in Attendance

S McGrouther (Stirling Council)

Residents 1 resident present

The minutes of the previous meeting on the 10th of December 2019 were
approved as an accurate record-proposed by I Corlett and seconded by H Yuill.
Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

  • •  Ref 1911156-Tobies on the road. The community council is unhappy with
    the results from Stirling councils inspection. The inspection took place
    during a time when the traffic was quiet and there was no meter to test.

I Corlett will follow this up.

  • •  Ref EN19161-Buildings in industrial estate. An investigation is underway
    as a lot of temporary buildings have appeared in the industrial estate.

  • •  The community council have questions regarding the presence of Class A
    drugs in the village but no police present to offer advise.

  • •  Dropping of kerb at Kersie Road. Email has been sent to community
    council on 14th January with further information.

  • •  Noise within the industrial estate- Stirling Council is looking for further
    information as there has been issues with emails being sent. S

McGrouther forwarded an email on the 11th December and will send it
again to be followed up by the community council.

Police Report

No police present.

No police report emailed in

Councillor Report

None present

Council Official Report

S McGrouther present

  • •  Updates were provided for ongoing matters

  • •  Advice offered to the community council regarding S Lambrous
    resignation in December. A deadline has been set for the 11th February.

  • •  October and Novembers minutes have been requested again and S
    McGrouther has asked to be copied in.


No planning issues


The resignation letter from S Lambrou was handed back to the community


  • •  The community council are looking to apply for a bench through the
    community pride fund. The application deadline for the grant is the 4th
    of February

  • •  Steps have been decided on how to find a new member for the
    community council. A flyer will be made up and posted on the notice
    board within the community centre. Also there will be a post advertising
    the vacancy on the community centers Facebook page.

Next meeting to be held on the 11th February 2020 in Throsk Community
Centre at 7pm.