Stirling Council's Priority Based Budgeting Year Two Report went to Council in February 2015 where Stirling Council agreed its second budget and five-year business plan under the Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) process.  The budget outlined revenue spending of around £200M per year over the next five years and capital investment of over £50M over the same period.  

The Council accepted 28 out of the 41 options presented by officers, summarised below:

Option Type Accepted Rejected
Efficiency  11  2 
Efficiency - Pilot  3  0 
Transformational Change  4  2 
Transformational Change  - Pilot  3  0 
Stop/Reduce  4  5 
Stop/Reduce  - Pilot  0  1 
Fees & Charges  0  3 
Fees & Charges  - Pilot  3  0 
Total 28 13 

The accepted options are expected to realise savings of around £1.31m in the first year.  The 9 accepted pilot options have no savings figures identified at present as the level of savings will be established through the work of the pilots.

The decisions taken by the Council were directly influenced by the views of our communities, our staff and other stakeholders.

A range of channels was available for providing feedback on the options as well as putting forward other ideas. These included nine Community Conversations, a Business Breakfast Briefing, meetings with other community groups and young people, email and a survey.   All views were carefully considered by elected members before the budget was set. 

All of the feedback is contained in the Communication and Community Engagement Report.

A breakdown of the accepted options by service is below:

Option Type Children, Young People & Education Communities & Partnership Corporate Operations Housing & Environment Social Care
Efficiency  7  1  2  1  1 
Efficiency - Pilot        2       
Transformational Change  2  1     1    
Transformational Change  - Pilot  1     1  1    
Stop/Reduce  1  1  1  1    
Fees & Charges        1  2    
Total 11 3 7 5 2

Implementation of the PBB Year Two options has commenced.  Monitoring, supporting and reporting will be carried out by the Programme Management Office (PMO).


All documentation will be available in all Stirling Council libraries, local offices and Council community centres.

Draft Report

Internal Efficiencies

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