During years 1 and 2, a significant amount of work was done to develop options for presenting to the Council. In year 3 this continued.

Stakeholders, staff, Community Councils, community groups and members of the public participated in our Community Conversations, attended meetings, completed our survey and sent in their views and ideas.  This enabled the Council to set balanced budgets for 2014-15 and 2015-16.

However, the Council still faced a significant financial challenge that required us to reduce our expenditure by £25million over the next five years.  We needed to ensure that the investment we make, of around £200 million each year, was focussed on the Council’s agreed priorities. 

To address this challenge, we developed a new model for year 3 so that it was more dynamic and would allow ideas to be developed throughout the year and, where appropriate, be approved by elected members and implemented, without having to wait for the annual budget setting. 

The PBB approach to business planning is a transparent method of financial decision-making that outlines all costs and proposed savings for the next five years.  It also helps to identify where services may need to be reduced or can no longer be delivered.

The PBB Draft Budget Report set out the detailed options council officers proposed to form the basis of next year's budget.  These options provided the basis for community and stakeholder conversations.

You can view or download the full report here.

If you would like more information on each of the options please see below for the Theme Option Sheets:

Theme 1 - Transforming Learning

Theme 2 - Transforming Care

Theme 3 -Transforming Communities

Theme 4 - Transforming Operational Services

Theme 5 - Transforming Support Services

Theme 6 - Chief Executive's Office

Options since the last report was produced:

Accelerated options  which have been previously seen but are being brought forward in terms of delivery of savings

Accelerated Detailed Option Sheets 

Equality Impact Assessments (EqIA's) have been carried out, where required, on options, these can be found below.

Community engagement  

Community engagement continues to be a vital part of the PBB process. In year 3 we tried to engage with as many stakeholders and citizens as possible. A range of channels was available for providing feedback on the options as well as putting forward other ideas. These included ten Community Conversations, three Business Breakfast Briefings, meetings with other community groups and young people, email and two surveys. In total, more than 1,750 people or groups engaged with us. In particular, there were more than 1,000 respondents to our surveys. We would like to thank everyone for this feedback - it is very valuable and will assist the elected members and influence their decisions.

All of the engagement along with the key messages from the feedback is described in the Communications and Community Engagement Report 2016.

The detailed feedback received is contained within the following Appendices:

We would like to continue to involve more stakeholders and citizens, as ideas are being developed and to work more closely with communities so that engagement can evolve into meaningful partnership working. A People’s Forum has been established to enable continual electronic dialogue with our customers.

Difficult decisions will have to be made to address the challenging financial position we're in but we're confident that by working together we can meet this challenge, and continue to deliver high-quality services.

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