For the past four years, you’ve had your say on options for Stirling Council’s budget.

We are in Year 5 of Priority Based Budgeting. This report includes the savings and investment options which have been suggested by Council officers for approval at the Council’s budget-setting meeting in February.

Interim Report

The PBB Interim Report 2018-19 gives some background to PBB and outlines early transformational plans that council officers are proposing this year. These plans form a basis for conversations with our communities and stakeholders. You can see the full report here.  

The Communication and Engagement for PBB5 involved employees, communities, young people and organisations. This was supported by digital engagement through an online survey and "questions, comments and suggestions" via the shaping Stirling email address.

All of the feedback was collated and presented to elected members to inform their deliberations and directly shape Stirling Council's decision making on the budget.

PPB5 Communication and Engagement Report

Feedback - Young people
Feedback - Community conversations
Feedback - Community councils
Feedback - Digital Survey
Feedback -Shaping Stirling emails

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