Stage 2: Voting Stage

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the Idea Stage of Your Stirling: You Decide. All ideas have now been reviewed by the Project Team, including Budget Delegates using the Idea criteria. From those ideas meeting the criteria, a proposal has been put forward to the voting stage.

Vote here

Please note: Some ideas which were for the same facility or proposed the same idea, have been combined into single proposals. All proposals are online for everyone to see and for all ideas not going forward, the individual who submitted it will be contacted to let them know why it didn't go forward before it is posted online.

The Voting Stage is from Monday 27 May until Sunday 23rd June
  • Every citizen, of high school age and above, can vote once for the proposals in their electoral ward.
  • You can vote online here
  • You will be asked to provide your email address, post code and the electoral ward you live in.
  • You will be directed to the Proposals for your electoral ward.
  • You will be asked to select 5 proposals - you must select exactly 5 if you select more or less than 5 your vote won’t be counted.
Citizens without an email address or access to equipment can still vote

Council Officers will be available to provide assistance and access to equipment at your local library, mobile library or at a Voting Event which will be held in your Community Council area.

Each of the seven electoral wards has a booklet which sets out the Proposals. Here you can download or view the Ward Booklets. Paper copies are available in libraries and on the mobile libraries.

How Your Vote Works

Stirling is a diverse area, with very small communities and larger communities in the same electoral ward. There will be a weighting system applied to Proposals. The community council boundary and population information has been used to apply the following weighting to Proposals:

  • Proposals from a community council area with a population up to 500 will get 4 every time it is selected. (A boost of 3)
  • Proposals from a community council area with a population from 501 to 1500 will get 3 every time it is selected. (A boost of 2)
  • Proposals from a community council area with a population from 1501 to 2500 will get 1.5 every time it is selected. (A boost of 0.5)
  • Proposals from a community council area with a population of 2501 up will get 1 every time it is selected. (No boost)

Please Note: It is the Proposal that gets the boost, not the citizen from that Community Council area. All citizens get one vote to make 5 selections.

Voting Guide

What happens when the Voting closes

The votes for each electoral will be counted and checked.

The proposals for each electoral ward which receive the highest number of votes, and can be delivered within the £100,000 budget, will be planned in to the Council’s work programme for the financial year 19/20. The number of proposals that will go ahead from each ward will depend on the indicative cost for each proposal. It cannot exceed £100, 000.

The result of the Voting will be published on Stirling Council’s website by Monday 1 July 2019.

If you need any more information about Your Stirling: You Decide, You can contact the Community Engagement Team see the contact on the right of the page.


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