Stirling Council needs to collect, store, use, share and dispose of personal data in order to deliver services as a local authority. Together, those activities are referred to do as data processing. When we process personal data, we must comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 (for short, we refer to this legislation as data protection laws).  When we collect personal data, we must tell you why we need it, and what we will do with it.

Purpose of Processing Personal Data - Your Stirling: You Decide

Stirling Council will process your personal data to allow us to contact you about your ‘Your Stirling: You Decide’ idea and the Participatory Budgeting process.

Information sharing

Your information will be kept secure and not shared with other Partners. The Council may also provide personal data to third parties, but only where it is necessary to comply with the law.  

Retention Period

We will not keep your information for any longer than it is needed, and will dispose of records (both paper and electronic) in a secure way after ‘Your Stirling: You Decide is complete. 

To update or delete your information

If you need to update you information or no longer wish to be contacted about your idea and want to have your information removed, please contact us -
Stirling Council  Tel: 01786 233076

Your Rights

Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation you have various rights with respect to your personal data, including the right to access a copy of what we hold on you; have it changed or removed. Contact the Data Protection Officer for assistance.

DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment)

Stirling Council’s Data Protection Information